random thoughts

i wonder where my Bible is.  i’m sure i left it at the dorm because i couldn’t find it when i got home and my friends tried searching for it in my room.  the thing is, i’m as lost as it is…

i really miss talking to people, the soul-baring kind.  and i desperately need a hug…  so i finally contacted my bestfriends.  so far, only one responded.  if i can’t reach the rest, i guess it’s just the two of us.

if the internet connection didn’t cause my game to lag, i would have been playing again today.  but i lack the resources and the patience to stay in the cycle of dying and logging back in.  i have access to at least two other characters, but it isn’t fun when my cousins aren’t online.

i often ask myself why i stayed here instead of going to the missions and the thought of having no purpose depresses me.  then i remember that i have my little brother to look after.  he has a lot of questions, most of which require me to review linear algebra and geometry.  i wish i were that eager to learn…

my mordsith-wannabe days ended just when i was learning to braid my hair–they had it chopped off!

i shouldn’t think so much so i could sleep at night.


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