barely breathing

we conducted our post-test today.  we first performed the traverse.  i only went as far as the right side of the woods.  the russian wall was too far…  then the dreaded sit-ups.  my prof said i improved since the pre-test.  then eliminations.  Y- route… it was torture!  the last hold i reached was slippery and i fell. =(  no chalk available…  sad.  no-interclass competition for me.  i’ll just be cheering on my classmates on wednesday.  i claimed my pink shirt.  yey!  pink is so nice…  yeah, right!  at least the design was cool… anywayz, the only outstanding thing i did were the push-ups.  i thought i couldn’t get past 34, which was my pre-test score, because i was disoriented and experiencing chills even before going to class.  i made it to 43.  =)  i slept at 5am, crammed a paper.  did some magic.  poof!  3 film reviews instead of just 2.  i missed the first one…  how could you react to something you’ve never experienced?  that was my dilemma.  but i’m past that.  i was supposed to have an 8.30 class.  but an announcement was posted outside the door.  then i grabbed some sleep.  i woke up just in time for my pe class.  i also realized that i have completed the required 24 climbs.  i basically spent the whole afternoon trying to catch my breath.


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