she’s so high

Triopwings …exhilerated, in fact. she changed from her oversized shoes to undersized ones. the difference… price (20php per session) and performance. forget comfort for a couple of hours…

at lunch time, she found out that one of her groupmates for the cs 140 suffered a heart attack before daylight. then she had lunch with her buddy. they prayed that they may excel during the day or sumthing like that. he also prayed for a storm. and He heard them.

she accomplished a YX flash in the kiddie wall and a YL flash in mollie’s wall. she also reached the 6th panel of the finals wall. she learned to use the rock shoes in scaling the wall, but she has yet to learn to climb quietly when in difficulty.

*a flash refers to a top out in the first attempt to follow a route. Y stands for yellow or 5.5-5.6 in the level of difficulty.

she thanks her God for sustaining her in spite of an injury the day before. they had a field trip to banahaw. they went to see wannabe waterfalls. she was bored so she stepped on the stones. one of which was too slippery and down she fell, huting herself. then it was time to climb back up the 260 steps. yes, she counted them… but only until 200. her friends estimated the rest. then they went to see one cave after another. barefoot, they followed the guide up the mountain. she only entered the second cave, which was not really a cave but a crack that was just wide enough for a person or sometimes two to fit into. she did the moves in the darkness illuminated by the candles. acrobatic twists and turns… but there was no one to applaud her. upon exit, she was called to join the top ten sexiest. 😉

she may have gone to two churches that day, but those were of cults that believed in salvation through works. that night, she planted a seed of truth.


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