i woke up at 9. the clock on my phone said 21… i thought, "that can’t be right." i couldn’t be more wrong… this is what happens when i don’t sleep at night. i take naps that go on forever. i worked on the definitions of sms, sms gateway, mobile applications and secure mobile applications as i watched the night turn into day. does that count as cramming? i started researching earlier during the week, but compiling the articles into something comprehensive was just tough. [i feel the chill like needles pricking into my skin…] dominic, joan, and i were supposed to meet at 9am to integrate our parts into our review of related literature. dominic arrived a little late. i was still in bed, stealing a couple of hours of precious sleep. joan had also arrived at the dorm by the time i was ready. we discussed our project plan over lunch then proceeded to nec 414, but the door was locked. lunch break, see? the computer center was also closed. and off we went to dominic’s new place after suffering the heavy traffic to tandang sora. it’s a lot more peaceful compared to their last place, which was just a few doors away. i went on a spin in dominic’s comfy computer chair. he asked me to transfer to the couch so he could use it. =( then jazz music filled the room. i really love his mp3 collection, all n gigs of it. we handed in our files then discussed our favorite topic, music. then dancing. dominic buys his lunch from kfc. i went for his fries and asked him to buy me a large order and chuklit mousse hours later. we met his housemate, dennis. he climbed down the stairs, went back up, down, then up again. i wished for a place as homey then joan looked for a mirror, thinking we were in the old place. we transferred the files in their .swx format to my memory card and their oh-so-unreliable diskettes, which didn’t fail us this time, and attached them to the email to our adviser. after submission, joan and i crossed the crazy highway and rode a jeepney to philcoa. but we got off at the overpass near ait instead. we went for a walk from the gym to our dorms. we conversed about my lack of sense of direction. when i reached my room, i turned on my pc, played music files, and drifted to sleep.


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