in the know

there’s a gnawing restlessness within

unaffected by both busyness and chill,

and cured only when i learn to be still


an ode for the departing

a girl cried

throughout the bus ride

we’ll keep in touch

with an irregularity

that spans a decade

after what used to be

a daily dose of conversations

and aspirations

i know you care

and i’ll always be thankful

that you’re there

though farther may be where

a tongue’s tale

“i’m so happy,”
said my taste buds
and my tummy
then my mind
(yes to chronology)

from genesis to revelations,
neil gaiman to john calvin,
presuppositionism (as an alternative) to experiential apologetics,
i wish we could
have these conversations all the time

a christian view of citizenship,
love of God flowing into love of man,
serving the needy uniquely,
may we live out these things

art and poetry,
trees and universities,
turtles and sea snakes,
food and music,
dumaguete scenery,
plans to draft,
a church to plant,
let’s prayerfully consider these

i didn’t realize
i missed our food trips
until this one

today, on family day,
let me tell you that you are it
and i’ll miss you
over the break


the mystery of mercy

not all prayers are heard.

in a temple stood
a tax collector
and a pharisee.

one man looked down,
the other to himself.

one prayer went up,
another to its utterer.

and mercy poured out
on the one who confessed
he’s the sinner.