palm to palm

in what should have been

a brotherly high five

but with far more gentleness

and none of its hurry

as it sends my heart racing


Git Cheatsheet

Copy a file between branches

git checkout
git checkout   --

Copy changes from another branch

git cherry-pick [] []

Move changes to the tail of a commit

git rebase []

Delete a branch

git branch -d

Reset local branch to remote branch

git reset --hard /

*[] means optional.


stringing along

dangling a string of hope
for my cat to play with

late night drives and eats
filled with memories
now hollow

fries in midair
as shock takes over
my singing along
to your favorite band’s song
thrills you with wonder


how did You make Yourself small?
why did You pave the way to save some
when You have every right
to burn us all?

with Your mere word,
You created not just this world,
but the entire universe.
a certain dragon queen
would have summoned her children
and uttered,